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Bunny ear wreath

Classic bunny door decoration, which is independent of the season and is the basic piece of the clean farmhouse style. Images are usually ~ 40 cm in diameter, with ~ 50 cm in diameter.

use Indoors and Indoors
availability (diameter) ~ 30 cm, ~ 40 cm, ~ 50 cm
material artificial flower


  • If you need a ribbon, you can find it at decorations.
  • The diameter is from the ends of the leaves, the base of the wreath itself is usually 10-15 cm smaller.
  • The products are made by hand from artificial and silk flowers. Because they are handcrafted products, they are not perfectly symmetrical.
  • No two ornaments are exactly alike, although we are copying the decorations shown in the image. The availability of ingredients in the flower market varies, but we try to replace them so that the overall effect is maintained.
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