Many of you are asking

We will try to answer any questions you may have. If you still haven't thought of everything, please contact us!

How do you measure the diameter?

We look at the ends of the leaves, so we measure the outside diameter. Of course, if longer branches protrude from the crowd at times, the denser part is taken into account.

I request the ordered product to the FOXPOST machine. What do I do?

You have to enter the address of the machine at the delivery address, it doesn't matter if you don't know the full address. It is enough that e.g. Arcade of Szeged. By the way, you can find the vending machines at It is important that if you have a product larger than 60 cm in diameter or longer, you cannot request it from the vending machine, so the system will not allow it.

What is the back of the door trim? Can I hang on to a glass door?

The decorations are tied to a wreath base of styrofoam, wild grape tendril or hay. Their backs are therefore not showy. If you would like a double-sided ornament or just to cover the back with something, please contact us.

Doesn't the back of the door trim scratch the door?

Carefully inspect the back of the ornaments, but make sure there are no scratches left. You can stick a self-adhesive felt disc on the door contact surfaces of the ornament.

Do I get exactly the wreath in the pictures?

We strive to reproduce the ornaments in the images, but these are handcrafted and no two ornaments are exactly alike.

Are the colors in the images the same as in reality?

It is also in our interest to be happy with the end result, so we tend to photograph products in natural light. No effects are used. We try to upload the most accurate images possible, but there may be differences in hue between the reality and the products on the screen.

What if the system only shows 1 item in stock, but I want 2?

Please contact us as this may be due to a shortage of raw materials in the market.

How weatherproof are the decorations? I'd like a garden gate.

Basically, all ornaments should be used indoors in a sheltered place and taken indoors in extreme weather. Ornaments that do not contain silk flowers (silk flowers are all petal flowers, for example) and do not contain cremation dust that can be washed away by rain are recommended. That is why we always indicate in the product description where it is recommended to use it. Make sure you attach it well to the garden gate.

The sun is very hot at the entrance, do you have any ideas?

UV has a fading effect on artificial flowers. Hear about UV spray that protects us, but we only found one on foreign sites. But by the time you fade away, you've already picked out another ornament ...

I am afraid the decorations will be damaged during transport. How do you pack them?

All ornaments are tastefully packaged, in a cardboard box, you can send them through us as a gift. There was never a problem with their delivery, at most you have to puff up the leaves and petals a bit (so drop it carefully). Do not throw away the box as it is very useful for storing decorations out of season.

If you can, pick up the dried flower ornaments in person, but we can deliver them properly packaged. What cannot be shipped will be indicated there.

How do I clean my artificial flower ornaments?

Artificial flowers can be washed with lukewarm water, but the dust that causes an ashy effect should not be washed off. You can dust it with a hair dryer, it is not recommended to use a vacuum cleaner.

Do you have a guarantee?

We provide a two-month warranty against damage caused by a flower arrangement. However, we cannot be held responsible if the artificial flower parts are separated due to a manufacturing defect.